The SEND Review was piloted in schools in London and Birmingham. Evaluation of the pilot was carried out by Professor Phillip Garner (Northampton University) and below is a summary of the key findings. The full evaluation is available to download here.

1. SEND leaders role as a catalyst for change.

SEN leaders are said to offer ‘deep’ knowledge and practical solutions.

2. Schools as collaborative professional learning communities.

The SEND Review is enabling whole-school engagement to address the needs of all learners.

3. ‘Change-agility’ a key aspect of school improvement in SEND.

Effective schools see change as opportunity; effective SEND practitioners use change as a stimulant for innovative thinking.

4. Recognising links between School Climate > Professional Wellbeing > Pupil Progression > Community Empowerment.

Participating schools grow their proficiency in meeting the needs of diverse learners by forging connections.

(Evaulation carried out by Professor Phillip Garner at Northampton University.)