Ministerial Foreword

Our vision for children and young people in schools with SEND is the same as for other pupils: that they achieve well, are included fully in their school communities, and are well prepared for the transition to an adulthood in which they lead happy and fulfilled lives. Educational excellence for children with SEND requires schools to use their best endeavours to meet the needs of all their pupils, and to monitor and track how well they are progressing. We know that classroom teachers are at the heart of schools’ response to meeting individual needs: excellent teaching is the key.

The system of SEND reviews developed by London Leadership Strategy (LLS) is a practical way to support schools in making a reality of this vision. It is an approach that has been shown to work in both the mainstream and specialist sectors, and offers an opportunity to build stronger links between the two. This Review Guide, part-funded by Government, provides a framework for schools to review their current provision and for reviewers to support and challenge the schools with which they work.

This Guide has been produced through close working between schools, charities, parents and carers. It draws on schools’ experiences of these reviews and holds high aspirations and quality teaching and learning for students with SEND at its core. The LLS model is evidence-based and follows the principles of school to school support. The review process that underpins this guide helps to identify and to celebrate great practice across schools.

LLS will be working with schools and multi-academy trusts to help them use these reviews to support the development of their workforce. Schools can buy reviews if they wish, but they can also use the Guidance to deliver reviews to each other for free.

This Guide and the LLS review methodology are an approach that will help schools to ensure the effectiveness of their SEND practice. Using such an approach will help children and young people secure better outcomes from their education that will make a powerful difference in helping them prepare for adulthood.

Edward Timpson
Minister of State for Children and Families